How Time Flies (Even for Preemie Parents)

Children ready for schoolMy daughter started kindergarten this week.

She has been waiting for this moment, having walked her older brother to school for the past few years only to turn back home. She was excited to have her first day of school, and then her first full day of school, and then her first day of school with gym class, and she seems to be making up a new “first” for every single day.

Preemie Baby Phoebe sleepingIt reminded me of five years ago when I seemed to be making up a new “first” for every day: the first day she didn’t have a bradycardia spell, the first day off the bili lights, the first day she had her feeding tube taken out, the first day without medication, the first day she wore real baby clothes…

It was an exciting time then and it is now, and I want to keep it that way by finding a new “first” every day.

What will tomorrow bring?

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About The Author: Emily Raymond

Emily Raymond has three preemies who debuted between 32 and 34 weeks. She enjoys competitive running, trying new recipes, exploring Boston's museums and parks, hikes and camping with her family, organizing blood drives, and or course, blogging about it all!