Support for every path along the journey of prematurity

support for every path along the journey of prematurity

You found Graham’s Foundation because you or someone you care about is facing the uncertainty that comes with a premature birth. We know the roller coaster. Graham’s Foundation was founded to educate and inform preemie parents so they feel empowered and confident while they navigate the journey of prematurity.

We appreciate the trust you place in us to support you or someone you care about during their prematurity journey. We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the experience of prematurity alone.

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“Thank you for the sympathy you’ve shown me and my wife during this difficult time. Our baby, Gabriel, wasn’t ready for this world, but we believe he has become our guardian angel. During his short time with us and thereafter, we grew beyond our shyness and fears – reaching out for help from anyone who could give it, online and off. This journey has been painful, and yet we are very grateful that Gabriel was able to hear our voices and to experience how much we loved him. We are so thankful for Graham’s Foundation because when we were first grieving, we found in you someone who understood exactly what we were going through. Our hope is that we can find a similar organization in the Philippines so that we can volunteer and help other parents.” 

Allan Lepiten